Great Evenings Begin with

Do you enjoy watching movies at night? How many memories I have of stuff just like the term “NocturnalFilmFestival” evokes!

Whether they were scary movies when we were kids, to the memory of actually walking out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show (sorry groupies… I just didn’t get it, and I had to leave). Then there was watching “Jaws” in the drive-in with friends (am I really dating myself here? LOL!).

The point is, many people love the idea of a night at the movies, and I’m no exception. These days, however, I’m more inclined to stream a movie from my Amazon Prime membership than climb into the car to go to a theater! I think I need a little kid as a friend to entice me to relive the excitement of going to the movies! Anyway, we shall see what this blog entices me to write about. Have a nice day!